Mehndi Designs

Mehndi and Bridal Mehandi Designs

Mehndi is an art of henna painting in middle east and Indian subcontinent. It is also called In names mehandi, henna, mehendi and in other spellings. Mehndi designs are often applied on to hands and legs. In India and neighboring countries, Mehndi is an essential part of weddings ceremony. The art of Mehndi designs are not based on any religion, rather it comes from cultural background which consists of Arabian countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Northern Africa.
Arabic mehndi design is famous for its beauty. It differs from other styles as Arabic mehndi design is simple. It takes less space and makes a beautiful contrast with hands. Arabic mehendi design a bit modern design comparatively and yes, it is different from traditional design. It is preferred by people who like simple designs. But remember, being simple doesn’t mean it is easy.
Indian mehndi designs are a little more complicated when comparing to any other mehandi designs. Mehndi is most commonly used in weddings. In contrast to Arabic mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs are applied to body parts with less space between them.
Marriages are incomplete of music, dance, family reunions and most importantly mehndi. Most glamorous part of wedding is mehndi ceremony. Mehndi ceremony occurs as the pre-wedding occasion in which the friends and relatives of the bride applies mehndi both on hands and legs. Pre-wedding ceremonies may last a week or so. In some part of India they celebrate mehndi eve and it is equally important as wedding day. Bridal mehndi designs are used when it comes to weddings as these design are specially made for weddings only. It is like a custom in India. Bridal mehndi design makes the bride look beautiful on the wedding day.
Mehandi which is a part of our lifestyle,which is part of our tradition.And The mehndi is a past filled in con-shaped tube which can be made into design for men and women. Both of men and women are used to wearit But Now Which Is The Commonest Part of Women’s Palms.There Are So many Designs For Mehendi.

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