Henna designs

Henna Designs

Henna is also known as heena. henna is used both front and back of hand.can applied hand and feet also. Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit Word mendhika There are many variation types in Henna DesignWhich are categorized as Arabic Henna designs,Indian Henna designs,Punjabi Henna designs,Pakistani Henna designs…There are many artist for applying The henna

Henna can’t be removed from festivals Like wedding,religious events like Traditional Cermonies Muslims of inidan Subcontinent Uses henna on their festival like Eid

Arabic henna designs

In modern The artist Uses henna filled cones While in some of the rural areas in India women Grind Fresh henna leaves Grinding Stone With added oil. Which is applied to the hands and makes bright color on hands and feet
henna is not a permanent Design in the hands Which is temporary on the Skin.Which vanish as the days pass.which is not like tattoos.During Wedding the women are applied the henna is the palms and feet.which is a ceremonial art form in the brides home or grooms. The women also applied the henna in finger nails in Pakistan the Muslim women uses the henna as indication of counting age.

Henna can be removed after 15-20 minutes of application the past that we applied will day begin to crack, to avoid this time a minute of lemon juice and white sugar can applied over the henna design to maintain the henna paste so that the henna will stain Darleen after that the painted area wrapped with tissue, plastic tape when first removed,without allowing much time which will ne pale to dark orange in color gradually darkens thereon oxidation.after some hours.

if we use quality type henna,the finest color will be dark red. Application of oils like olive,natural oils maintain the stain the color that we like